Beep 2014

The biennial exhibition of painting in Wales is the only large contemporary international painting exhibition. It aims to bring the painting out of traditional galleries into the unused retail space.

“A portrait of the Artists as” is this year’s theme. The exhibition will present the work of 48 artists from around the world. There we over 200 applications and the applicants were asked to present themselves as an artist and to step away from traditional portraits.

Additionally, they were required to show the events, as well as places which made them the people they are now. Whether they chose to present fiction or fact, it was up to them, t

The celebrated artists and writers Iwan Bala and Ruth Cayford took a role to select exhibitors. Two Swansea art galleries were in charge of awards. The Mission Gallery provided the People’s Choice award, and they are also managing the beep2014 Children’s Painting Prize, which runs at the same time.

People will have an opportunity to enjoy numerous events, as well as artist activities.

The beep2014 is part of a Wales’ Dylan Thomas 100th Birthday Celebrations, and the exhibition will be held on Swansea High Street. The Coastal Housing Group recently purchased the building, and it’s a part of their strategy to renovate the High Street and establish a new artistic hub for the inspiring artists, as well as the community.


Ruth Cayford

Ruth is the Visual Art Manager or Cardiff Council. She is working actively on the development of the visual arts in Cardiff. She was born in Margam, Port Talbot. She has been working for 15 years as an established artist and was trained as a painter in Swansea.

Ruth curated numerous exhibitions and help many artists achieve their dreams. Since 2006 Ruth has been organizing the Welsh Artist of the Year competition.

Iwan Bala

Iwan is an established artist, lecturer, and writer. He is based in Wales and has helped with solo exhibitions since 1990, participated in numerous group exhibition in Wales and abroad.

His art was showcased in four major Chinese cities in 2009, and he also published many books and essays on contemporary art.